Guarantees for private loans

Obtaining a private loan is today one of the main formulas to obtain the necessary money that many individuals and families need to cover their expenses, pay off debts, cover unforeseen events, etc. When the bank does not grant the necessary credit, we must turn to a private capital company and it will ask us for a guarantee to be able to grant us the money, the guarantees for private loans are the essential element to obtain liquidity.

Company grants credits

Company grants credits

Our private equity company grants credits to its clients with the only guarantee of a real estate property or other type of property, this private credit can be guaranteed with almost any type of objects, with the sole exclusion of jewelry. Our users can guarantee these loans with vehicles, art pieces, taxi licenses, real estate, etc.

With the only exception of jewelery, the client has a wide range of possibilities, this will allow him to obtain with almost total security the money he needs for his needs. It is possible to opt for up to a maximum amount of 20% of the guarantees, this limit is closely related to the quality they have.

We can also say that these loans have a series of exceptional advantages that make them superior to those that any bank can offer, we can provide credits even to people who are enrolled in delinquent lists, such as the Financial Credit Institution. Being unemployed and without payroll is not an impediment to obtaining a private loan, either.

But, without a doubt, what benefits our clients the most is the speed with which transactions are processed, being able to obtain the money you need in less than 72 hours, provided that we have received the necessary documentation in our offices.

In the specific case of real estate guarantees, these must have the important condition of being totally free of charges or mortgages and the flats, houses, premises, etc. may be valid. with the only exception of the plots or plots, which are not valid because these goods present great variations in their prices in the market.

As we have said, guarantees for private loans are the only necessary element to get cash in our company, real estate that is credit guarantees must meet the aforementioned condition and fulfilling this aspect it is almost certain to obtain the loan that we need.

An installment payment for private loans

An installment payment for private loans

Our private loans have the advantage of being able to pay the installments in a very simple and flexible way for the client, the terms can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. It is important that they can be adapted to the user’s personal needs.

There is also the possibility of making an early cancellation with a 0% penalty, provided that a mandatory year with us has been completed.

Finally, we want to emphasize that our company is regulated by the Ministry of Health and Consumption and all our economic activities comply with the laws regarding private loans in our country. If you need to obtain a private equity loan, you can immediately ask us for the exact amount, if you have questions about it, do not delay any longer and ask us through the web form on this page or by dialing the customer service number.

Find cheap quick loans with our comparison service

Are you interested in a quick loan with direct payment? Thanks to fast loans, you can get the money paid to your bank account on the same day, even on the weekend. With our comparison service, you can find a cheap, low-interest fast loan in just a few minutes – whether you are looking for a fast loan without a Credit Checker or a fast loan despite many Credit Checker requests.

You have the opportunity to apply for a fast loan around the clock on the lender’s website and you can always complete the application process by signing with BankID. Most often you are notified directly and most lenders offer direct payment, which means that you have the money in the account immediately after the lender has granted your loan.

Choose loan amount and the repayment period

Choose loan amount and repayment period

You have the option to choose a loan amount between USD 1,000 – 50,000. Most lenders offer a repayment period between 30 days up to 36 months. If you are unsure about the repayment period to choose, remember that you can always pay off the entire loan early without any extra costs. If you want to borrow more than USD 50,000, a private loan is recommended instead.

Quick loan without Credit Checker

Do you want to avoid having a credit report registered in Credit Checker’s register? By filtering for Quick Loans without Credit Checker, only lenders have shown that offer the opportunity to borrow money without a Credit Checker. Instead of the Information Center, these lenders cooperate with another credit information company.

In general, it is always an advantage to avoid credit information at Credit Checker, as these will impair your credit rating. Too many credit reports at Credit Checker for a continuous 12-month period can make it impossible to get a loan granted.

Quick loans on the weekend

Quick loans on the weekend

Are you interested in fast loans with direct payment on a Saturday or Sunday? When you cruise in Helgelån, only lenders have shown that offer the opportunity to borrow money on the weekend.

In order for you to be able to dispose of the money directly, it is important to check that the lender offers quick loans on the weekend to your bank. It is generally no problem to get a quick loan paid at the weekend if you have a bank account.

Quick loan without Credit Checker with payment notes

Have you been in financial situations before and collected payment notes? By ticking With Payment Note, only lenders are shown that offer fast loans despite payment remarks. Keep in mind that most lenders require that no complaint may be less than 6 months.

Find the cheapest fast loan


With our comparison service, you get suggestions for well-liked lenders immediately after you have chosen the desired loan amount and the repayment period. Lenders are automatically sorted based on their customer rating on Good Finance, which means you can feel confident that the lender offers helpful customer service and attractive loan offers.

With our comparison service, you also have the opportunity to compare interest rates and fees. Monthly cost shows how big your monthly cost is with each lender. In addition to amortization, this amount also includes interest costs and any notification fees.

Repayment shows the total amount that you will have to pay back to the lender during the term of the loan, and, in addition to repayment, also includes interest costs and any notification fees and setup fees. We have thus made it easy for you who want to quickly find Sweden’s cheapest fast loan 2019.

Credit repurchase Credit Solution: consumption and real estate

Fine Bank is a company specializing in the repurchase of credits. We are approved by the French Association of Banking Intermediaries (AFIB). Our advisers are available to answer all your questions. They accompany you and guide you in the realization of your project and this, until the acceptance of it.

Purchase of credits: general

Purchase of credits: general

The repurchase of credits can also be called grouping of credits. It simply consists of grouping part or all of your credits into one to reduce your monthly payments. Thanks to the redemption of credits, you will have only one monthly payment to repay. Credit redemption is carried out without changing banks and allows you to reduce your debt ratio by 20 to 60% *.

Lower your monthly payments thanks to the purchase of credits

Lower your monthly payments thanks to the purchase of credits

One of the advantages of buying credits is to reduce your monthly payments; thanks to it, you can reduce your monthly payments up to 60% *. When combining credits, the rate of your new credit will be lower than all of the rates of your old credits. This operation will facilitate the daily management of your accounts by reducing the number of monthly payments to be reimbursed. With the purchase of credits, you will be more serene at the end of the month!

Go through a professional to buy back credits

Go through a professional to buy back credits

Colloquially called broker in repurchase of credits, the non-exclusive agent accompanies you in the assembly of your file, in its realization and this until the acceptance of this one. We have been working for several years with quality partners. Going through an exclusive agent allows you better monitoring, optimum support, professional confidentiality and benefit from advantages with specialized financiers thanks to their partnership. We will also be at your side to answer all your questions, to help you prepare all the documents essential for the repurchase of credits as well as to communicate with the partner proposing the best offer.

Financing a project through the purchase of credits

Financing a project through the purchase of credits

Buying back credits can also allow you to obtain cash for the financing of a project. If you want to finance a wedding, birthday or baptism party, buying back credits can allow you to obtain cash. When buying back credits, your debt ratio will decrease. It can almost be halved * with this solution. You will therefore find it easier to become a homeowner, for example. For the purchase of a car or a motorcycle, the grouping of credits can also be the solution with the request of a cash during your simulation. * according to study of your file